Through the segment of politics the ELP Fellows are listening to testimonies of EU decision makers, former and current staff from the Brussels ecosystem. Some of them are in high positions or were placed to influence historical decisions, others made life changing decisions by joining or quitting the institutions. The variety of our guest speakers is exactly offering an incredible input: it is up to each Fellow to find the takeaway message of our speakers. The speakers so far have been coming from the European Commission, European Parliament, other EU institutions, NGOs and academia, from the Brussels ecosystem and national capitals, as well as actors from the ground, from Lebanon to Bulgaria. It is in an intimate setting, with small numbers of participants, to keep the conversation flowing and as honest as possible. Sometimes it is in a form of a fireside chat or an early morning office visit, but the point is to get 90 minutes of undisturbed attention from a leader for our Fellows. Later, in the ELP community, the discussions might be digested collectively, as well as with the coaches and mentors. We have seen that several members of our alumni have changed track due to this special way of exchanging ideas.