“Never stop learning” is the core message of this segment of the European Leadership Programme. A city like Brussels can offer an indefinite number of workshops, seminars and Conferences. The programme offers the fellows the possibility to attend some of them related to EU issues, leadership and management. The aim is to offer access to scarce  knowledge regarding the everyday dilemmas of decision-makers. The Fellows can also exercise in simulation games how individual and group decision-making is influencing processes. Among others, ELP relies on FLIGBY and STRATAGEM games. There is chance for visiting institutions and learning how they work, from the African Tax Justice issues to the Ecology issues

As well, the aim of the learning segment is to let every fellow develop an interest in a specific topic and present a research paper on this topic in a formal event at the end of the programme. Through the semester, every fellow is invited to engage with the speakers and choose mentors to work with them on their research paper. Those speakers are competent experts in those issues and they might accompany the fellows in their learning journey. At the end of the semester, the fellows will have their research paper’s defences in front of a prestigious jury in the old Jesuit quarters of University of Antwerpen, in the organisation of UCSIA. The best works might get published.