Brussels is a city of neverending opportunities for attending workshops, conferences, and events organized by the institutions. However, it is much more difficult to forge lifelong connections while catching up with the daily challenges at a new workplace. What makes European Leadership Programme unique is the possibility to stay at our ELP houses with the other Fellows who are at a very similar stage of their life. They could have just finished their degree entering their first entry-level jobs, could have gained experience in their home-country and now it is the right time for them to jump over to dive into the EU level decision making processes, or they are moving from private sector to public service or NGO work – whatever their story is, they want to settle in Brussels for a period of time.

Therefore housing means more than renting a room: it aims to bring together a community to feel more secure and rooted in the new circumstances. Managing a community life takes patience and management skills, and we provide you with the framework to test and improve your skills while getting to know each other. You are going to be developing your house rules together, and it solely depends on you how you divide your chores and responsibilities, whether you become an ecologically conscious community and you take the chance to use the time and space for debates on public life and spirituality.


House Béguinage is located in the heart of the European Quarter: you can reach the building of the Parliament in five minutes by walk. It is in the close neighborhood of the Christian LaViale community, sharing a garden with them, offering the joy of meeting like-minded young people interested in European affairs. 


The Destouvelle house is situated in Schaerbeek. It’s just a few minutes walk from Brussels-North where you will be able to take public transport to every corner of the city and have a connection to the rest of the country. The house itself is newly refurbished and spacious. You’ll find hip coffee-bars, a park and a basketball field close-by in the recently upgraded area. 


The Josefa house is located right across the European Defence Agency and is only a few minutes away from the Louise Metro Station. It’s a vibrant area in the heart of Brussels. The house is part of the Josefa Foundation, an organisation that aims to connect refugees made vulnerable by their uprooting from their country of origin, and who are seeking to integrate into our “society”. Fellows will share the house with the foundation and those who are being supported by the foundation.