Coaching is one of the central segments of the five pillars of the European Leadership Programme. We believe that attention to the person is of utmost importance. Personal development is key for future leaders, while often receiving less focus in formations. It aims to provide the Fellows with tools to manage a life of a future leader. By attending a regular (varying from monthly to bi-weekly) individual coaching session and by taking part in a guided spiritual retreat and sharing groups, the Fellows build on their own calling and spirituality. It is deepened by required readings on both executive leadership and Catholic Social Teaching and Ignatian Spirituality.

The regular individual coaching sessions are based on the needs of the Fellow (coachee): it can be professional executive or personal coaching (counseling), or it can accompany or direct the spiritual growth of the Fellows. It is therefore defined as a one-on-one learning process promoting growth of both the person and the community/environment s/he is present in. It provides (spiritual) exercises for the period between and beyond two appointments, stressing the importance of the dedicated time for reflection which we believe to be the vital part of the life of a leader.