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What we do for you

The ELP is a Brussels-based project where you, an emerging leader, will develop skills through theoretical and practical methodologies by living together with your fellows for five months. 

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“When you arrive here in Brussels, as an ELP fellow, you have a community from the start. You will be living with the other fellows, get to know them and share your life with them for half a year. It’s different from a group of friends because it really is a community. A community is based on certain values which you share and work for together. This is what makes the ELP a unique opportunity”

ELP Fellow – Bluebook Trainee

“The ELP is a very intense programme. You will face challenges, you will have to wake up early, prioritize. But no worries you will manage to do it because the willingness to do good for you and others will be a major element to push yourself to do overcome your limits. During the programme, you get the exceptional chance to talk to expert voices coming from politics and the academic world in a very informal setting. They have enriched our knowledge and our competences by sharing their personal perspective on Europe and leadership.”

ELP Fellow

“I liked the community aspect. I have been living with other people in different settings by choice for almost 10 years now. Before I came here I lived with 50 people from 22 different nationalities and we were really trying to create a conscious way of living together. I was attracted by the idea of continuing that path, although I would say in general my motivation was increasing my knowledge of the European institutions.”

ELP Fellow – Bluebook Trainee

“It was a great talk on the importance of having a human centered approach, an element that is too often left aside in policy making.”

Lukas Wank
Co-Director of Shabka

“In the time of crisis, you see who is a real leader. The main goal of the founding fathers was to build peace, no matter what and how. It was all for the new generations.”

Victoria Martín de la Torre
Spokesperson to the President of the S&D
Author of “Europe, a Leap into the Unknown”